Electric Golf Bikes

New. Innovative. Cool. Sporty. Crazy FUN.

Golf Bikes Are Here!

We are the first course in Canada to purchase the new Finn Golf Bikes. Come and try a new cutting-edge way to get to your ball and play fast-paced golf!

The bikes are available on a ‘walk-up & ride’ basis – the same as a cart. There will be a 2.5 hour turn-a-round (back 9 play and a clean prior to the next rider). Extra batteries were purchased for a quick swap when needed… we have power from dawn to dusk. Ride on!

About The Bikes:

  • Electric, quick-charge lithium battery powered.
  • Easy thumb throttle.
  • Double hand brakes.
  • Gearless, great maneuverability.
  • Golf bags strap over the center-line for balance and stability.
  • Clubs face out, between the chopper-style handlebars.
  • Front suspension forks and rear shock = one smooth ride.
  • Light weight with thick turf tires and great grip.
  • Fairway friendly – less compression than a cart or a foot.
  • Coolest kick-stand ever.
  • Four cool colors, all selfie-worthy!


  • Drivers license required.
  • For use on our flatter BACK NINE ONLY (holes 10 -18).
  • Same rules apply as with power carts.
  • Waiver form to be signed prior to each use.


  • $20 for 9-holes, which is the flatter Back 9 only… the Front 9 is just too damn steep, even for Evil Knievel-like riders.

Come For A Tour Today!

You’ll be proud to call Springbank Links your home club

For more information and to tour the facilities, please contact General Manager Kevin Heise at: 403-202-2000 X 306 or [email protected]